RV4RISE 2018 Program


Friday, July 13th 2018
FLOC Live Program
09:00-10:30   Session 51P
9.00 Martin Leucker
Hardware-based runtime verification with Tessla (Abstract, Slides)
9.45 Hazem Torfah
Real-time Stream Processing with RTLola (Abstract, Slides)
10.30-11.00   Coffee Break
11:00-12:30   Session 54R
11.00 Calin Belta
Signal classification using temporal logic (Abstract, Slides)
11.45 Jim Kapinski
Formalizing Requirements for Cyber-Physical Systems: Real-World Experiences and Challenges (Abstract, Slides)
12.30-14.00   Lunch Break
14:00-15:30   Session 55R
14.00 Tommaso Dreossi
Systematic analysis and improvement of Convolutional Neural Networks. (Abstract, Slides)
14.45 Thomas Ferrère
First-order temporal properties of continuous signals (Abstract, Slides)
15.30-16.00   Coffee Break
16:00-18:00   Session 56M
16.00 Houssam Abbas
Using the F1/10 Autonomous Racing Platform for Runtime Verification Research (Abstract, Slides)
19:00-21:30   Workshops dinner at Keble College
Workshops dinner at Keble College. Drinks reception from 7pm, to be seated by 7:30 (pre-booking via FLoC registration system required; guests welcome).